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Many homebuyers we encounter often believe that because Newport Coast homes are some of the most expensive in the county, that this presents a financial barrier for them buying in this locale. Home shopping in this territory does requires a considerable financial investment and as such, many of our customers considering a move to Newport Coast have a multitude of questions that need to be answered before they make the commitment to buy here. However, there are many home options available in Newport Coast that make it accessible to more than just multi-millionaires. 

More About Homes For Sale In Newport Coast CA

In an effort to help you sort though the necessary information needed to make your home buying decision, we will talk about some of the upsides and downsides of living in Newport Coast, the local amenities, the local schools, and what kind of experience can be expected living in this beautiful hillside neighborhood.
The master planned community of Newport Coast is one of the most affluent beach side neighborhoods in all of California. Stretching from the border of Corona Del Mar, down PCH to Laguna Beach, and back along the hills to Irvine, Newport Coast is nestled in the San Joaquin Hills high above the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding valleys of Orange County.
With a variety of housing options ranging from studio apartments to grand estates, Newport coast attracts everybody from young singles to families to big-name celebrities.

What to Expect Living in Newport Coast

It is said that because Newport Coast is one of the more recently developed coastal communities in the area, that quite a bit of “new money” resides there. For some this doesn’t present a problem, but for those of you looking for a more established, older community, Newport Coast might not be what you’re looking for. It is comprised of mostly younger residents (57% under the age of 44) with a median household income of $164,659 (more than 3 times the state average). Former residents have commented that living in Newport Coast can be a little bit stressful, because with the “new money” element, there is a feel of ego and materialism.
However, families tend to dominate this area with only 17% of all households inhabited by individuals and 36% of the total population having children under the age of 18. This means that if you’re looking for a kid-friendly neighborhood with the opportunity for your children to develop a big group of pals, then Newport Coast is the perfect destination.
Unlike bordering towns such as Corona Del Mar and Laguna Beach, Newport Coast is a bit more spread out, offering less congestion, good parking, and easy access to and from its epicenter. While most will commute over Newport Coast Drive to the 73 toll road for work, there is also a clear and easy route to adjoining coastal towns via PCH.

Newport Coast Homes

As mentioned previously, properties in Newport Coast run from ultra high-end compounds to single tenant studio apartments. Expect to pay roughly $777 per square foot for homes here (that’s more than double what people pay in the Los Angeles Metro area). Prices for condos start in the low to mid $700K range, single family homes from the high $900K range to upwards of $1.5M, and luxury estates well into the stratosphere at $10M to $20M. This is definitely a luxury locale and being this close to the beach only increases the value of property within its borders. For the most part, Newport Coast is one of, if not the most expensive, residential areas in all of Orange County.
Much like other towns along this strip of PCH, home values tent to hold firm and appreciate at a better than average rate. Buying in Newport Coast should be viewed as a long-term investment for those who have the means to make this their home base. Coming out of the recent recession, median home values here have appreciated at a rate of roughly 52% in only the past 4 years.
Great schools and education also add to its increased value. Younger children typically attend Newport Coast Elementary – rating an outstanding 10 out of 10 on And like most teens in the area, older kids will attend Corona Del Mar High School – one of the top high schools in the state with a California API of 901 (meaning it’s in the top 10% of all high schools in the state).

Activities and Shopping in Newport Coast

One of the reasons Newport Coast is so popular and pricey is that it is nearly at the center of all the good stuff that this stretch of California coast has to offer. To the north is Newport Beach, complete with Fashion Island, Balboa Island, and the Newport Peninsula – where the beach lifestyle is still priority number one. To the south is world famous Laguna Beach with renowned art galleries, high-end shopping, top-notch restaurants, and beautiful beaches. To the east is Irvine and Costa Mesa, where all of your homeowner needs can be fulfilled within a vast landscape of malls, shopping centers, and anything else you need to make your life complete.
Newport Coast also houses one of the most impressive golf courses in all of America – the Pelican Hills Golf Club. Pros, enthusiasts, and weekend players alike frequent this golfer’s paradise if only to be able to say they’ve played there once. It’s meticulous grounds and incredible views make it a must see destination for those who enjoy playing on the finest links in the land.
Just up the road from the Pelican Hills Golf Club is The Resort at Pelican Hill. One look at this astounding palace from a distance will let you know you’ve truly found heaven in Orange County. With its massive coliseum style pool, beautiful bungalows, and luxurious villas, it ranks as one of the most impressive beach side resorts in all of California. Membership is costly to say the least, but guests can stay and enjoy all of the amenities that the resort has to offer for a limited time at prices that won’t drain their bank accounts.

So, Is Newport Coast the Place I Want to Live?

Yes, Newport Coast is expensive. It’s also one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the state. However, if prestige is a factor and money isn’t much of an object, then Newport Coast is a fine place to call home (to say the least). You will never have to question, “What is there to do here?”. There will always be an abundance of entertainment, shopping, and dining right at your fingertips. The schools are great and the environment is gorgeous.
Those who are looking for a bit slower pace and a more small-town feel might want to look at older communities like Corona Del Mar or Laguna Beach. You will still get the same level of elegance, with similar ocean views, but with significantly less hustle and bustle. Given its central location along the coast and it’s direct connection to the inland cities, Newport Coast tends to be a bit more lively suburb filled with movers and shakers than other coastal towns along PCH.

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