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Lido Island Real Estate

Lido Island real estate can be found on a residential man-made island in the Newport Harbor with no commercial facilities (except for a snack shack open only in the summer months) connected to the rest of Newport Beach by a single, small walking/driving bridge.
This exclusive hideaway has been home to a number of wealthy dignitaries, celebrities, and local millionaires. It is one of the smallest communities in all of orange county with only 1,800 residents housed within its 250 acre border.
Like the other islands in the harbor, most Lido residents will have the benefit of amazing harbor views and the ones who are fortunate enough to have property on its borders will be afforded a private dock to house their water transportation (something that comes in handy living in the harbor).
Making the decision to live on an island segregated from the rest of the city is something that takes a good deal of contemplation. One would have to ask, “Do I really require the solitude and seclusion that this area provides?” or even, “Do I really need to be readily connected to surrounding communities?”.
If you’re looking for peace and quiet, are an avid boat owner, or really just looking to live a little bit off-the-grid, then Lido Island may be the place for you. Let’s take a look some of what this highly unique, small sliver of Orange County has to offer.

The Best and Worst of Lido Island Homes

Is your name Gilligan?
One of the biggest complaints about living in Lido Island homes is the lack of shopping and dining on the island itself. You’ll have to travel over the bridge if you are looking for the type of location where you can grab a cup of coffee, get your groceries, or even drop off your dry cleaning.
Lido isn’t exactly isolated, but you’re actually on an island, so get yourself a bike, Segway, or moped to make the back and forth a little more fun. Many Lido residents have even invested in golf carts to make getting around town a little easier and more comfortable.
Hopping in the car and driving is a must though in order to reach all of the good stuff that surrounding Newport Beach has to offer.
Keeping all that in mind, Lido will probably be right up your alley if:
You’re more of a homebody looking to spend your days working out of the house or just relaxing in the confines of your beautiful bay-view back yard
you’re not looking for a permanent homestead, but rather looking for a fantastic vacation house that puts the beach front houses of the Newport Peninsula to shame
If either of the following are true, then this humble enclave should be high atop your list of prospective homesteads.
Lido one of the most serene walking communities in the harbor with great, picturesque paths that lead you through some of the most fascinating avenues on all of the Pacific coast. The rich and interesting history behind Lido Island and surrounding Newport includes homes once inhabited by movie stars of old Hollywood that had such amazing amenities as in-home theaters, subterranean bowling alleys, and even pools with secret rooms beneath them.
It is truly one of the most curious, yet alluring neighborhoods anywhere in California.

Prices for Lido Island, Newport Beach Real Estate

There are no tract homes on Lido Island. Each residence is completely unique. You can find everything from Cape Cod style cottages to extravagant Spanish style manors. Because space is limited and the location is highly unique, be prepared to pay a hefty premium for Lido Island, Newport Beach real estate.
Currently, expect to pay a whopping $1.2M for a 2 bed, 1 bath inside of 1,300 square feet on the lower end and upwards of $15M for 4,183 square feet with 5 beds and 7 baths on the high end. Needless to say the cost per square foot here is significantly higher (but not the highest) than the rest of the county at roughly $966 per square foot.
The bottom line is, you have to have some money put away to live here if you want the benefits that island life provides.

Fun Things to do while living on Lido Island

Residents of Lido Island will have the distinct benefit of access to the Lido Isle Club House. The club house hosts a variety of community organizations and events and even has its own private patch of beach open to those who are members (a small annual assessment is required). Homeowners will also have a front row seat to the world famous Newport Christmas Boat Parade – one of Southern California’s most celebrated holiday traditions.
Those interested in the boating circuit will have the ability to join the Lido Isle Yacht Club where benefits include and extensive social calendar throughout the year, the Commodore’s Summer Beach Concert series, Friday night BBQ’s and Tostada Tuesdays, as well as the Commodore’s annual “Family Cruise”.
The closest shopping is in the Lido Marina Village, but locals will tell you to hop in the car and take the time to drive over the bridge into neighboring towns (Newport Beach specifically). Making the short trip will open you up to a world of shopping, dining, and entertainment possibilities.
The “Peninsula” as it is most commonly referred to is known for its eclectic assortment of high-end boutiques, fine sea food dining, and the most lively bar/club scene in all of South County. You can also find some of the best restaurants in the OC within view of Lido on PCH. Popular foodie spots such as 21 Ocenfront, The Bluewater Grill, The Cannery, and Mama D’s Italian Kitchen provide the some of the best bay view dining available and are just a taste of all the great cuisine to be found within a mile of the island.

Is the “Lido Island” Life for Me?

Taking into account the remote seclusion that is inherent in living on Lido Island, you can make a case that it’s not the best place on the OC coast to raise a family.
However, if you’re single, a couple not intent on having kids, or ready to retire, Lido might just be the “Fortress of Solitude” you’re looking for. While it’s only a short jaunt to the mainland and all the amenities that Newport has to offer, you’ll always be segregated from the crowds and will be able to maintain a calm, relaxing lifestyle.
If you are looking for a more lively, community-oriented neighborhood, better choices might include Corona Del Mar, Newport Coast, or even Dana Point, because these areas are significantly larger, house more families, and while expensive, have a wider variety of affordable properties that suit a broader base of the population. These areas are also a bit more central to the wealth of shopping, dining, and entertainment that the coast has to offer.
Basically, those looking for a great vacation home or simply something different than anything found throughout the rest of Orange County will enjoy the advantages of living on the small island. Boaters or those with yachts will find this to be one of the most convenient and accessible places to indulge their hobby. So, much like other neighborhoods in the Newport area, if you have the means, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not allowing yourself to experience the allure of Lido Island.

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