Eastside Costa Mesa

Eastside Costa Mesa

Eastside Costa Mesa Real Estate

Eastside Costa Mesa is the neighborhood in Costa Mesa consisting of homes to the East of the 55 Freeway. As such, with the 55 being the western border of this neighborhood, Irvine Blvd denotes the Eastern Border, with 17th street to the south and the 73 Freeway to the north making up the other two “edges” of Eastside Costa Mesa.

Depending on your perspective, Eastside Costa Mesa could be considered the “pricier” end of Costa Mesa real estate, or it could be considered the “bargain hunter’s” way to experience life in Newport Beach. Many choose to live in Eastside Costa Mesa to take advantage of the simple pleasures such as access to the Back Bay of Newport Beach and close proximity to the Pacific Ocean while avoiding some of the perceived pretentiousness (and cost) of some of the tonier Newport Beach enclaves.

One thing most residents like about Eastside Costa Mesa homes is the character: many properties date back 80 years or more, before the development of “tract housing” and as a result the area is zoned such that there is a certain gestalt – each property has it’s on uniqueness – you’ll find large mansions, smaller custom cottages, and everything in between which combines to make for a very arty and/or bohemian atmosphere when compared to most of the rest of Orange County.

Prices of Eastside Costa Mesa Homes for Sale

As Eastside Costa Mesa is comprised of large lots and small lots, big homes and small homes, and every combination thereof, there is considerable variability when talking about the pricing when looking at one of the 5,000+ homes in Eastside Costa Mesa.

Small condos and townhomes with 2 to 3 bedrooms and around 1,400 square feet in the area go for around $500,000 to $600,000, while starter single family residences (your typical 3 bedroom, 1,400 square foot affair) range from $700,000 to around $1,000,000. Prices of homes in the area typically rise the more South and East you go, and fall a bit the closer you get to the 55 Freeway.  Midrange homes in Eastside Costa Mesa, from 1,700 to 3,000 square feet on larger lots (7,000 to 10,000 square feet) range from $1 million to $1.75 million, while the “upper end” homes in the area, on larger lots and over 3,000 square feet typically range from $1.75 to $3 million or so. Of special note – at the highest end in Eastside Costa Mesa, the line is typically “blurry” between whether you’re in Costa Mesa or Newport Beach, with the only real difference being what zip code or city you see when you receive mail.

At an average cost of $355 per square foot, Eastside Costa Mesa homes are considerably less expensive than the areas in Newport Beach immediately to the East, Dover Shores and Eastbluff, which ring in at a comparatively lofty $550 to $650 per square foot.

Pros and Cons of Living in an Eastside Costa Mesa home

One of the reasons for the disparity in price between Eastside Costa Mesa and some very close Newport Beach neighborhoods such as Dover Shores and Eastbluff is that public schools in Newport Beach are considered to be a bit better than schools to the west in Costa Mesa. Note that the schools your children might attend in Eastside Costa Mesa certainly wouldn’t be considered “bad” – Monte Vista High School carries an 8 rating on Greatschools.org as does Kaiser Elementary, but they are considered to be just a notch below the schools just to the east in terms of quality.

With that being said, the homes further to the east in this neighborhood do allow your children into schools physically in Newport Beach, but you will find a price bump in these homes as well for the privilege of whether your child attends Mariners Elementary or Kaiser Elementary.

Another thing prospective Eastside Costa Mesa residents should consider is crime statistics. While Eastside Costa Mesa is much safer than the U.S. National Average in terms of violent crimes, there is a certain level of petty crime that goes on in the area, with larceny and motor vehicle crime quite a bit higher than average.

Eastside Costa Mesa is a particularly popular neighborhood for younger adults, with the highest percentage of residents between 25 and 45, and a median age of 37.  On the plus side, residents of Eastside Costa Mesa enjoy fast access to the freeways, the beach, all of the upscale shopping and dining that Newport Beach residents enjoy, at a significantly lower price – with the added bonus of being able to enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere of Costa Mesa and being a very quick hop away from South Coast Plaza shopping and dining options as well as the more mellow offerings of Costa Mesa such as The Triangle or the nightlife available on 17th street such as the Harp or Pierce Street Annex.

In terms of lifestyle, Eastside Costa Mesa is listed by OrangeCoast.com as a “Hot O.C. Neighborhood” and further described as a “sprawling area teeming with postwar homes” that is “hip, laissez-faire, and close to the beach.”

Buying a Home in Eastside Costa Mesa

If you’re considering Eastside Costa Mesa real estate, you’ll have considerable options to choose from. The comparatively young population contributes to 25% annual turnover, meaning that one out of every 4 households will choose to relocate each year – so there is usually ample inventory in the area to choose from.

Prospective homebuyers that want to be close to the beach but don’t want to pay Newport Beach prices and are looking for a newly “hip” type of atmosphere may find that EastSide Costa Mesa is the ideal neighborhood to call home.


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