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Crystal Cove is not an independent town, but rather a small Irvine Company master-planned community that is part of the Newport Coast development bordering Crystal Cove State Park on the sunset facing side of the San Joaquin Hills. Stretching from high on the ridge all the way down to PCH, Crystal Cove real estate is comprised of 8 different home collections spread out among 620 acres of the Newport Coast hillside. It is one of Orange County’s newest coastal developments, but has already established itself as one of the county’s most sought after, exclusive gated communities. One of its premier features is a 131 site custom home plot that sits at the peak of the neighborhood. But before you build, consider that bare home sites start in the high $2M range even before the first drop on concrete is poured.
The most important question to consider before buying in a community such as Crystal Cove is, “Is this lifestyle for me?”. The good news is that we have the answers that can give you insight into the nuances of this pricey, yet beautiful locale and help you whittle down the data points so you can make the decisioning process as effortless as possible.

Crystal Cove Homes

Crystal Cove homes are lauded for their meticulous design and heirloom-caliber architecture. Lush landscaping and structures building on Spanish style elements give it what some have called a “Santa Barbara” feel with an old-world, Mediterranean appearance. Most single family homes are provided with plenty of yard space to add good sized swimming pools, while custom lots have more than enough acreage to erect multiple structures, tennis courts, or even estate-quality grounds.

Crystal Coves Homebuyer Fast Facts

  • Properties start in the mid $2-millions
  • Even the smallest homes in the community are 2,700+ Square feet
  • Complete custom homes range from $3.5M to $20M
  • Average price per square foot is $1,200 

Where Will Children in Crystal Cove Attend School

Younger children who live in Crystal Cove will attend either El Morro Elementary School or Newport Coast Elementary – both schools that stand out among others in the area with a phenomenal score of 10 out 10 on Unlike the rest of Newport Coast, Crystal Cove is zoned partially in the Laguna Beach Unified School District and partially in the Newport Mesa School District depending on home location. Teenagers will either attend Corona Del Mar High school (one of the best in the state with an API of 901) or Laguna Beach High School (with an equally impressive state API of 897). Either way, your children will be set for one of the finest educational experiences Orange County has to offer.

Crystal Cove Amenities

Because it is part of the Newport Coast community, Crystal Cove has the advantage of fantastic location. It sits only miles from Laguna Beach and Newport Beach in either direction. Residents can literally walk to Crystal Cove State Park and Beach – one of the best seaside locations to surf, lounge, and explore in all of California. The park itself is comprised of 3.2 miles of flawless shoreline complete with tide pools, mountain biking routes, hiking paths, and horseback riding trails. It is truly one of the most serene spots on the coast of Southern California.
Cove residents will likely spend most of their shopping dollars at the Crystal Cove Shopping Center located at the base of the development, sitting only 200 yards from the beach on PCH. The center itself houses roughly 30 shops, restaurants, and markets that have everything to suit your needs including Trader Joes, Starbucks, Pier-1 Imports, Bellagio Spa and Salon, and Williams Sonoma. Dining is nothing less than fantastic in this small, yet elegant picturesque port with some of the most popular restaurants in all of South County. Local favorites like Javier’s, Bluefin Restaurant, and Mastro’s Ocean Club serve fine cuisine and attract some of the most attractive crowds from all around the southland.

Crystal Cove Lifestyle

Being part of the Newport Coast community has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Clearly, it’s a little bit of paradise right here in Orange County. However, paradise also comes at a price. Living here is really only for those in the 6 to 7 figure club (mostly the latter). With that can come airs of materialism and superiority. Those who are looking for a more down-to-earth crowd with a slower pace and small town feel might want to look a little further up the coast at neighboring Corona Del Mar or even further down the coast in the ultra family-friendly suburbs of Dana Point.
Having said that, Crystal Cove does have a significant family element with more than half of its homes occupied by families (55%) and more than a third inhabited by those with children (38%). Most residents tend to be younger with more than 65% of the residents being in the sub 50 age range. Crime rates are well below the national average in every category, making this another one of the safest spots in all of the US.

How to Know if Crystal Cove is Right for You

Like the rest of the Newport Coast development, if you can afford it without the stress of living paycheck to paycheck, then yes, jump on the opportunity to live in a first-class utopia that is nearly beyond compare anywhere else in the state. However, if it’s going to be a stretch financially, don’t stress yourself out – there’s a long list of locations only miles north and south along the coast that will fit the bill just fine without putting your grandchildren’s grandchildren into debt well into the next century. Keep in mind, while money can get you a great house, it can’t always give you peace of mind. The amenities outside the gates of Crystal Cove are public and can be enjoyed by neighboring residents without paying millions for a house in the neighborhood.
But if you are one of the lucky few who can pony up for the sweet life that Crystal Cove affords, make sure to take advantage of the amazing location, beyond-compare parks and beaches, high-end shopping and dining, and first rate education. There aren’t many Edens of this magnitude anywhere else in Southern California and space is limited, so take a chance and make this the dream home of all dream homes by living in Crystal Cove.

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