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Corona Del Mar, which means “Crown of the Sea” is one of the most affluent, picturesque, beach adjacent communities in all of Orange County. There’s a good deal you need to know before purchasing property in this neighborhood as it can be a very costly investment that requires specific knowledge and expertise to appraise. Many of our customers shopping in this locale have a wide variety of questions ranging from home pricing, to availability of parking, to beach access, and more.
The town itself sits on the sea facing side of the San Joaquin Hills and continues from Jamboree Road along Pacific Coast Highway to just north of the Pelican Hill Resort and Golf Club. The small, independent shops, cottage style homes, and surrounding seascape form what residents have referred to as a quaint village ambiance.

Living in Corona Del Mar Homes

There is a wide selection of Corona Del Mar homes, including beach-facing condos with terraces, Cape Cod style bungalows, standard single family tract homes, and larger, more lavish custom homes.You won’t find much in the way of huge back yards or front lawns with vast, landscaped gardens, but the view from your front porch will be beyond compare to almost any other town in all of Orange County.
Keep in mind though, Corona Del Mar is not your average home buyer’s destination. The median family income in this area is $150,323 annually (nearly triple the California average). You can expect property prices that range from the high $500,000’s for condos to upwards of $35M for a beach front custom. Expect to pay a premium for having close beach access and ocean vistas.
The residential makeup of Corona Del Mar is also not quite as “kid-friendly” as other neighborhoods in the surrounding county. The majority of homeowners are individuals without children (45%), leaving only a small portion of families living in the area having children under the age of 18 (17%). Those with children will have them attend either Harbor View Elementary or Abraham Lincoln Elementary—both of which garnered an outstanding 10 out of 10 rating on Teens will attend Corona Del Mar High School which ranks among the best in the state with an Academic Performance Index (API) score of 901, putting it in the top 10% of all high schools in California.

Pros and Cons of Living in Corona Del Mar

Beauty and beach front property comes with a price, and it’s not only the cost of the home. Beach towns such as Corona Del Mar often struggle with an availability of street parking for guests and homeowners with multiple vehicles. In the spring and summer months, expect an influx of tourists and beach goers to restrict the already limited space. This can often cause congesting along PCH—the main artery that most residents will travel to access their homes. Whenever you decide to live this close to the beach in Orange County, you almost always trade convenience and easy access for beauty and atmosphere.
A vast number of the homes in Corona Del Mar have unobstructed ocean views, meaning homeowners have a front row seat to a gorgeous sunset that descends into the sea daily. Residents have easy access to both Corona Del Mar State Beach (commonly referred to as “Big Corona” and “Little Corona” beaches) and Crystal Cove State Park two of the cleanest, safest, and most highly regarded family beaches in all of Southern California.
However, as with all of the beach-side communities in Orange County, the weather remains mild throughout the year. Expect cool mornings with light breezes and overcast skies that burn off in the afternoon and reveal sunny, pleasant 73° to 80° weather for most days even during the hottest months of summer.
Also keep in mind that homes in Corona Del Mar aren’t simply homes, they’re an investment. Homeowners who live in towns that border the Pacific Ocean tend to see gradual appreciation of their homes at a significantly higher rate than those who live inland. Corona Del Mar is no exception to this rule. It is considered one of the more prestigious and attractive localities in all of Southern California. This is an area many people aspire to live in and will pay top dollar to do so. Whether you intent to stay in Corona Del Mar or make it a brief visit on your way to your eventual dream house, know that you will likely turn a tidy profit on the investment you make on property in this community.

Things to do in Corona Del Mar

Part of the true beauty of Corona Del Mar is its village style layout. Within its borders along PCH are a bevy of small, family-owned businesses, art galleries, and restaurants that give it a small town, home-style feel. While there are some large, chain businesses and restaurants, such as Bristol Farms, Sur La Table, and Sprinkles Bakery, much of the strip remains unobtrusive and subtle. Perennial town staples like Francis-Orr Fine Stationary, the ultimate destination for pen and paper aficionados, and The Quiet Woman, considered one of the finest prime rib restaurants and after-hours hangouts in all of Orange County, add to the charm of this lovely strip of PCH.
You’re also only a stone’s throw from Fashion Island which houses Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and dozens of high fashion boutiques. Within the “Island”, you will also find 11 different restaurants each with its own fine dining experience and 2 cinemas to catch the best new theatrical releases. You’ll never have to leave town to have an all-inclusive date night with all of the options available to you in such a small radius.
Corona Del Mar also reigns as one of Orange County’s top nightlife destinations. On most evenings, restaurants/bars such as Gulfstream, Landmark, Bandera, and The Bungalow have an ongoing calendar of events that include musical acts, DJs, and dancing. Opulent bars, rich food, and attractive crowds make the lively nighttime scene in this town something you’ll not want to miss. Whatever your age, there’s plenty of action on Friday and Saturday nights to suit your needs.

So, is Living in Corona Del Mar for Me?

Affordability, as always, is the major consideration when contemplating an upscale beach location such as Corona Del Mar. However, if you have that covered, enjoy beach life, and enjoy the finer things in life, then you really can’t go wrong living in this neighborhood. The crowds and parking can be annoying at times, but for the most part, these issues are mitigated by the sheer charm and elegance of living in such a desirable community.
For most who make the investment and move to Corona Del Mar, it becomes not only a home, but a lifestyle. You’ll never be at a loss for something to do. Whether you enjoy a nice, relaxing stroll on the beach, a shopping and gourmet cuisine bonanza, or even a bustling nighttime scene, this town, within it’s relatively small borders, has you covered. It is truly a gem nestled among miles of paradise in South Orange County.

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