The City of Irvine was incorporated on December 28th 1971 and has been mainly developed by the Irvine Company.  The city was mapped out and planned mostly by William Pereira and Raymond Watson in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  The vision then and now was to create a community where people could work, live and play in a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment.  Apparently they succeeded as Irvine real estate constantly ranks among the top in the country.  In September of 2014 CNN Money put out the top 50 places to live in the US and Irvine was at number 14 nationally and the number 1 city in California.
Irvine real estate is located in the center of Orange County California surrounded by Tustin to the east, Santa Ana to the north, Newport Beach and Costa Mesa to the west, and Lake Forest to the south.  Irvine occupies 66 square miles of land and as of 2013 the estimated population was near 250,000.  The average age for someone living in Irvine is 33.6 years old with an average income of $96,000 per year.  Ethnically Irvine is somewhat diverse.  As of the 2012 census they cultural makeup was 42% white, 40% Asian, 11% Hispanic, 4% two or more races and 2% African American.

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